The Mean Blue Planet

So…TJ … What’s the Mean Blue Planet About ?

It’s a concept record – a story put to music. Hopefully, to bring everyone together, all of the planets religions, it’s about Love. After all – shouldn’t “religion” be about love. No matter what higher being it is that you vibrate to. It’s the first coming of the Messiah, if you will, that is if you’re Jewish or the second coming of Christ if you’re Christian. From my understanding, the Jewish faith regards Jesus as just a good rabbi, not the messiah, so here we have it. We are now in heaven, where Jesus and his family are gathered around. The Father asks Jesus to return to the planet earth. Jesus at this point is a little neurotic and really does not want to go. “They have already crucified me once.” So he opts not to go. Jesus’ sister, Kim offers to go. The Father agrees that this would be the right thing to unify the Mean Blue Planet. Now you have to understand that a virgin birth today, will no longer cut it. The only way that the majority of people could believe in anything, were if an alien being was to land outside the White House. I would also believe that it would be unfathomable for Jews, Christians, and Muslims to have a woman as the Messiah. This is exactly what “I Am” intends as he proceeds to send his daughter Kim, through the seam in time in a space ship to save the Mean Blue Planet. Her ship hovers outside the atmosphere of the Mean Blue Planet. The first song of the record starts and it is transmitted through all of the airwaves, satellite waves and microwaves. All inhabitants are aware of the message. The so-called governments prepare for the “aliens” arrival. As she lands on the White House Lawn all the politicians run away in fear. The President and his staff are shuffled below to their sub-terrainian headquarters to converse with the master computer on what to do. This master computer does not understand love, kindness or compassion. It has obviously been advising the world leaders for years. The masses and media gather around the alien craft. The ship door opens and the most gorgeous looking Asia woman steps out 5’6”, 98 lbs., long straight black hair down to her backside, sporting a mini skirt, garter belt stockings, tube top and high heel boots, long red finger nails and a breathtaking rack of “C” cup breasts - in a perfectly manicured hand she is holding a blue flower. She steps off the craft to greet the inhabitants of the Mean Blue Planet. At this point, all the politicians have run away in fear, but more and more the masses are gathering around. They realize that she is bringing love and kindness. They feel this on a molecular/cellular level, as well an instinctual primal sense that she is the Messiah. There is something in her eyes almost as if they were transmitting multi colored rays that go right into the core of your soul. Everyone knows that there will be no more Governments, no more Wars, no more Hatred and no more Famine. The Mean Blue Planet at this point no longer exists. All of the songs on the Mean Blue Planet are based around the human condition and experiences of living on the Mean Blue Planet. The final song “ Love wins in the end” is the message that everyone hears when she or he stands before “I Am” and after “I Am” speaks - you instantaneously know complete and total love, compassion and wisdom. The message is that - “Love Wins In The End”.



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