Velvet Swan Music/Recording



Artists Who've Recently Recorded Here

Botanica - The Magnetic Waltz
The Shade - Highways and Spiders
The Old People - Brandible Mash
Eric Hoffmann and The Underdog
Organic Combustion
Oliver Von Essen
- Oliver Von Essen
Sonny Simmons and Mike Marcus Trio - Birds and Reeds
Sasha Trio - Featuring Jimmy Madison, Drums
TJ Swan
- The Mean Blue Planet
Tom Fitzpatrick - Tom Fitzpatrick
Mohair Sam - Ain't that a Man's
Joseph Carter III - Chasing Light Through Sound
Sayuri Goto
- Sayuri Goto Trio
Gary Strauss and Mike Marcus - Tribute to Chet and Gerry
Harold Ousley and Stuart Waters - Duo
Andre Morocco - Sweet Mood Maker ( Roman Morocco )
Pernell Gantron - Circus Legend ( John Hanche )
Buell Thomas III - In The Air
The Clubs - The Clubs
The Coffin Daggers
AM Preacher
Uncle Leon
Star Crossed Signs
Tom Fitzpartick
- Lazy Day Sorrows
Tim Beattie - Mississippi
TJ Swan - Monkeyshines
Rhonda Denay